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  • Sportswear Inc. Prototyping PROTOTYPING

    Finally it is time to make the first samples and you will see your ideas materialize into an actual product. This is not the time when you sit back, wait and hope for the best.

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  • Sportswear Inc. Patterning PATTERNING THE COLLECTION

    To be honest, it’s really hard to find awesome pattern makers. I have only met a handful in my whole career. This is such a crucial part of your garment/collection, so if you need to spend a lot of money somewhere, it’s here they should go.

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  • How to comment a garment HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY COMMENT A GARMENT

    In our previous post we explained step by step, how to go about fitting a garment, what to think about in the process and the tools needed. In the fit session you look at the fit, movement and volume of the garment, and now you need to zoom in on all the details, making and workmanship. We’re talking about commenting your garment.

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    You successfully passed the design process, found a good factory, sent them all the information needed to start the product development, and now you are waiting for the first protos. There has been enormous amount of thought process and work to get all the information to the factory. Now the product needs to both look good, feel good and do what you intended it to do.

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