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  • Garment Price Calculator GARMENT PRICE CALCULATOR

    The Garment Price Calculator helps you to estimate your Wholesale Price, Retail Price, and your wanted Margin. It also helps you to estimate How Much It Will Cost to produce your wanted quantity, and What Your Profit Will Be depending on if you sell wholesale or direct to consumer.

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  • Sportswear Inc. Garment Costing Example GARMENT COSTING EXAMPLE

    If you are all new to the apparel industry, you may wonder how much it costs to make a garment? We are now going to look at the product development costs. Here is a typical example of the costs involved in making a hoodie.

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  • Sportswear Inc. Garment Price THE GARMENT PRICE

    You know which garments your collection is based on, you know the price for fabrics, trims, and production including prototypes. With this new information that you didn’t possess when you started out, you can remake a more accurate budget. When making the business plan you thought of the price level you wanted to place your clothing brand at. So let’s see if that is realistic.

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  • Sportswear Inc. Costing Sheet COSTING SHEET TEMPLATE

    As an apparel entrepreneur you need to be on top of your financials and already from the start keep track of your costs. For you to get the overall economic picture of your business you need to know the cost of producing each garment. To help you keep track of all costs associated with producing each style you use a costing sheet.

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  • Sportswear Inc. Product Range Pricing & Planning PRODUCT RANGE PLANNING & PRICING

    Building a collection requires a fine balancing act between designing products that incorporate your values as a company and brand, and actually producing garments that sell.

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  • Sportswear Pricing Strategies SPORTSWEAR PRICING STRATEGIES

    One of the most common questions we receive is: How should I price my products? Here we’ll go over three different strategies for pricing your sportswear.

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