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Online marketing tips

This is the second part of Marketing Tactics That Will Make Your Brand a Success in 2019. Read the first part here.

Online marketing is as it sounds, every bit of marketing you do online – computer, mobile, and devices. Nowadays, this is where you should spend most of your focus. Social networking sites reach 82% of the worlds internet population and for every 1 dollar spent on email marketing, the average ROI is 44,25 dollars!

  • Have a mobile-optimized website, and use resized images to have a quick site load. More and more users are using mobile devices to visit your site and make purchases from you. Make sure your website looks and works well on mobile so that you don’t lose your potential customers.


  • Optimize your site for SEO – search engine optimization. When someone searches for a specific type of product you want to come at least on the first page on the Goole search. You probably do it, and most of your customers do it. They search online to get information about a product or brand.


  • Grow your email list. This list is your platform, no one owns it but you. Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other online players can whenever they want to, change their algorithm or terms and there goes your visibility. With email, you have 100% control. The bigger your list, the better chances you’ll have to sell on that list. Implement strategies to constantly collect email addresses.


  • Send well-written emails and newsletters. As an apparel brand, it’s easy to send emails with products and text that says Buy this, Buy that. Some people will buy, but the majority of people will click the Unsubscribe button and there goes your future customer. When you write well-written, thoughtful and engaging emails you will have a much higher percentage of click to open rate. Tell stories, have styling tips, product care tips, how to pack tips, and of course also action buttons to those products you have in those examples so that the customer can with one click buy your product. What you are doing is not forced and pushy. It’s storytelling and offering the customer to buy or not, and to always get inspired and educated.


  • Write a blog. This ties back into educating your customer and there is no better way than writing great content on your own site. You train your customers to constantly come back to your site for some inspiring well-written blog posts and hey, they might find some new products they like and will buy at the same time. How often should you write blog posts? Consistency is more important than how often you write, but once a week is great. Write about your production methods, write about your team, give behind the scenes at your photo shoot, the topics are endless.


  • Start pinning your brand’s product images on Pinterest. Pinterest is like a visual Google. The information doesn’t go away or get changed by updated algorithms. Pinning regularly and linking back to your website can increase your traffic to the website by several hundreds of %. And it’s traffic you want, it’s people coming to your website to shop your products.


  • Implement a social media strategy. Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube are huge for the apparel industry. These are must platforms if you want to be relevant in this industry. If you are on these platforms already, great, if not, get started right away. They are all free and with Instagram having 1 billion active users, Facebook 2,7 billion active users, and Youtube 1,6 billion users worldwide, it can mean a lot of exposure for your brand and products. With your strategy, you want to be authentic, engaging and transparent, to tell stories and to connect with your customers and followers. Have a creative and inspiring visual and take advantage of the shopping features to actually make sells on these platforms.


  • Up your video content. Youtube, Insta Stories and Insta TV. Some facts regarding video consumption: By 2019, 80% of all consumer internet traffic is expected to be video. A great length for your video content, to get the most engagement is about two minutes long.


  • Work with influencers. Connect with influencers that have the same values and stand for the same cause. Let them help increase your engagement with your existing audience, plus extend your reach to a new wider audience. They help you generate sales, convert leads and build brand awareness. Either work with well known, paid influencers or up-and-coming influencers that believe in and like your brand. When a brand finds well-matched influencers, it can generate high-quality leads and dramatically boost your ROI. The most important thing here is to find the right influencers.


  • Implement a referral program. Referral marketing is incredibly effective and can give your brand great results. An example of a referral strategy is to share a link on social media, where friends are invited to sign up. The sign-up gives a discount while the sharer gets a monetary reward for every purchase made by the friend. You have to install a referral system in place on the website in order for this to work smoothly for customers that want to spread the word, and earn some money or products themselves.


  • Have loyalty rewards programs. By giving your existing customers some incentive in terms of rewards, you can have them coming back again and again and again. It’s cheaper to keep your existing customers than attaining new ones. Implement systems to make this easier for yourself.   


  • Run contests or giveaway posts on Instagram and Facebook. This tactic is extremely effective and can increase your engagement and give you many new followers. The cost is low, most of the time the value of a product or service you offer, and it’s an easy and fun thing for followers to do. Take for example a t-shirt, make a post about it, write a contest caption and post it. You will see your number of followers going up immediately. There are rules for how to run a contest or a giveaway post on Insta and Facebook so make sure you read up on them to not have your account shut down.


  • Increase engagement through competitions. Competitions are not only for Instagram and Facebook, but you can also engage people by letting them give tips on for example what to name your latest product, or what colors to choose for your next print, or give suggestions for new products. Let the customers be a part of your team.


  • Start a podcast. Part of a great marketing strategy is education. To educate your customers about topics related to your product and the apparel world you operate in. Telling stories that are close to your heart and your values as a brand is incredibly inspiring and motivating. 


  • Buy Google ads and Facebook ads. Nowadays people spend considerable time looking at their screen. Therefore it comes quite naturally to put your ads there as well. Google and Facebook advertising is an expertise by itself. There are many agencies out there that can help you with this type of service. Most brands use this kind of advertising to widen their reach. 

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