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AEP048 – Design Your Collection

Listen to The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast AEP048 This is the fourth part of a 6-part series covering the Apparel Entrepreneurship Success Path. This 6-step process covers all parts of starting, running, and growing a profitable apparel bran ...

Clothing Brand Ecommerce Site

Create An Ecommerce Site For Your Clothing Brand

In this article about how to create an ecommerce site for your clothing brand, you will learn how to create a cost-efficient e-com store for your business. There is no need to pay large sums for the design and development of your site. Set up your e-commerce in no time with an existing, well established open-source systems.

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP041 – 5 Steps To Develop A Growth Mindset

Listen to The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast AEP041 In this episode of the AE Podcast, we share with you 5 steps to develop your mindset. Mindset - what is that? It's a set of beliefs, assumptions, and notions that you have about your world ...

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP040 – Do This & The Sales Will Follow

Listen to The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast AEP040 In this fairly short episode, we talk about one simple, but yet very important differentiator, that can make or break your sales. It all has to do with this common advice that we get, that yo ...

Apparel Entrepreneurship 9 Steps To Become A Sustainable Apparel Brand

9 Steps To Become A Sustainable Apparel Brand

Sustainability in the apparel business is not a trend anymore. The clothing industry is the 3rd most polluting industry after the meat and the oil industry. We can’t go back and undo the harm, but we can make things better now, and in the near future, by deciding. We want to make a change, we want to make as little impact on this planet as possible. What makes an apparel brand sustainable? Read about these 9 steps to become a sustainable apparel brand.

How To Design Without Knowing How To Draw

How To Design Without Knowing How To Draw

We have received some questions about this topic and we feel the need to address it. The question is: Do I need to know how to draw to start a clothing brand? The short direct answer is No, you can start and run a successful brand without knowing how to draw. Here are our thoughts on this and a couple of steps you can take to get your design going.

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP037 – How To Maximize Your Sourcing Fair Visit

Listen to The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast AEP037  In this episode of the Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast, we talk about sourcing or more specifically How to maximize your sourcing fair visit. We explain what they are, what you can expect f ...

How To Pick A Brand Name

How To Pick A Brand Name

Early on in your business you need to work on your brand identity. You need to think about the meaning of your brand to your customers. Encapsulate that meaning in your brand name. In this article we take a closer look at picking your brand name.

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP035 – How To Best Work With A Manufacturer

Listen to The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast AEP035  This is the episode many of you have been waiting for. It’s the first interview ever here on the Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast, and it’s about how to best work with a manufacturer. We are ...

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP034 – Planning A Productive 2020

Listen to The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast AEP034 In this episode of the Apparel Entrepreneurship podcast, we talk about planning a productive 2020. You'll get tangible advice and tips on how to plan your work and manage your time. First, we ...

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP033 – 7 Apparel Business Trends For 2020

Listen to The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast AEP033 <span data-mce-type="bookmark" style="display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;" class="mce_SELRES_start"></span> In this episode of the Apparel Entreprene ...

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP030 – 9 Marketing Ideas For Black Friday

This podcast episode packed with everything you need to know about Black Friday, including the pros and cons. We are also giving you 9 marketing ideas for how you can increase your chances of selling your products. This information is also useful to know if you decide NOT to do Black Friday.

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP029 – Blog Tips For Fashion Brands

In today’s episode, we are talking about why you should have a blog, why it’s useful, and blog topic tips for your fashion brand. A blog is important, no matter if you are just starting out or if you are running and established clothing brand.

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP028 – Business Partners, Mentors & Coaches 101

In this episode, we are talking about business partners, coaches, and mentors. Why is having a business partner such a good idea? What do you need to think of when picking a partner? We are discussing some important components to consider before partnering up with someone, so you don’t do the same mistakes we have done and also seen other clothing brands do. Listen to this episode before choosing your partner so it doesn’t end up in disaster.

Apparel Glossary

Apparel Glossary

Understanding the glossary and terms used in the apparel business will be an important part of your day to day business. Understanding these words, phrases and abbreviations will help you communicate with suppliers, materials and the rest of the teams involved in and around your brand.

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP027 – Design Your Business To Suit Your Life

Listen to The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast AEP027 In this episode, we are discussing how you can design your business to suit your life, in opposition to the other way around. When we started our first business, we basically just mimicked th ...

Apparel Entrepreneurship Find A Graphic Designer

Find Freelance Graphics Designers

Are you looking for a graphic designer? Do you need help with logo design, your graphical profile, prints, hand-outs, or t-shirt and hoodie designs? Then 99designs can be an option for you. They allow you to find and work with talented freelance designers online, worldwide.

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast

AEP026 – How To Tap Into The Largest Consumer Group 2020

There is a lot of talk about the Millenials, but not as much about the consumer group that is going to be the biggest one in 2020. In this episode, we are talking about generation z. We discuss who they are, how they will behave, and what we can do to connect with them. Even if this is not your target customer group, you can learn a lot about this generation that is already controlling and influencing $800 billion in direct spendings! So bring out a pen and paper and prepare your brand for the future.

18 Steps To Start A Clothing Line

18 Steps To Start A Clothing Line

Are you thinking about starting a clothing line? Are you already running a clothing brand, but you need some clarity about all the steps involved? Are you already running a business in a different field, and now you want to expand into clothing? These following18 steps will help you to start a clothing line, and in what order you need to do everything. You will have a complete understanding of what it takes and what you need to do. 

Apparel Entrepreneurship Book


10 years ago we started our first apparel brand. Even though we had experience from working in the apparel industry, it was a challenge getting a good grip of starting up a business. Then the big question: how do we do this? Now we’ve made it easier for you to start and run an apparel brand.

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast


Today is the start of The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast! On each episode of The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast, we will discuss hands-on tactics touching on all areas involved in running and growing a meaningful, successful apparel brand. Learn practical strategies about sustainability, design, product range planning, marketing, sales, community growth, e-commerce, and entrepreneurship. You’ll also hear inspiring interviews with apparel industry experts and entrepreneurs about their tips and journeys in this fast-paced industry. This podcast is a must-listen for everybody that is running an apparel brand or is working in the clothing industry.

The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast


The Apparel Entrepreneurship Podcast #1 -Introduction, reasons, and motivation of being an entrepreneur, plus tips on how to manage a busy schedule.

Apparel Entrepreneurship How To Calculate Your Product Price


Your product price is directly related to your market position, your target customer, and your profits. The price should fit in your product range strategy and allow the margin you desire. To create a proper collection plan and to be able to make strategic decisions for your business, you need to calculate your product price early on in your product development cycle We have created a video to show how you can easily calculate the garment price.



A common challenge for clothing brands is to find material suppliers that can provide fabrics and accessories, exact matching their needs. As most modern brands also have an environmental strategy, it can be a time-consuming process to find the right materials. To make it easier for you we have added over 280 new suppliers worldwide to the searchable database in the Member Zone.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Read This Before Starting a Clothing Line


Encountering problems and making mistakes is part of running an apparel business. Are there any lessons learned from the mistakes made? For everyone who is about to, or already run a clothing brand, we have made it a bit easier for you. We have put together a list of 37 common mistakes, and what you can do to avoid them if you want your brand to succeed and grow.

Apparel Entrepreneurship Organic Cotton 101


Cotton plays a big part in every human’s life. We wear it, we dry ourselves with it, we sleep on it, we even walk on it, and our kids may play with it. In this article, we explain what organic cotton is, why you should use it, and how to find it.

Apparel Entrepreneurship How to Design Your Clothing Line


When running an apparel brand, clothing design is the core of your business. Designing your clothing line can be challenging. There are many aspects to think of to make it stand out in a crowded fashion market. You want to create clothes that represent your point of view as a designer, at the same time as the collection sells. To improve your chances of succeeding with your line, go through these 12 steps before designing the clothing for your apparel brand collection.

33 Ways To Grow Your Apparel Brand in 2019


Small brands, medium-sized brands, and big brands all have one thing in common: they want to grow. This is a list of 33 ways to grow an apparel brand divided into 3 sections: Entrepreneurship, Collection & Products, and Marketing & Sales. Addressing all the points at the same time would be extremely ambitious, but even the smallest improvements, can have a huge impact. The best growth is controlled.

Apparel Entrepreneurship 33 Steps To Build A Great Online Store


Selling online means you need to have an online shop. Whether it is your main selling channel or not, you want to create the best customer experience possible, that maximizes your online sales. How can you make your apparel online store as great as possible? We have put together 33 points that will dramatically increase your chances of creating returning, happy, and buying customers.